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Angel Hair Studio Colour...

At Angel Hair Studio you will receive a full colour consultation.

We will ascertain the most suitable colour and treatment for your hair, by discussing with you the colour that you would like to achieve and then give you our professional advise. Your colour will be customised; specifically mixed to create your very own individual look.

The art of mixing colour takes years to perfect and with our in-depth knowledge of Aveda, you're hair will see the benefit.

Angel Hair Studio will give you the hair colour you have always wanted.

Angel Hair Studio exclusively uses Aveda Colour; rich in naturally derived ingredients. Aveda Full Spectrum Colour leaves hair nourished and strengthened.

Sunflower, castor and jojoba oils maintain the condition of the hair and deliver exceptional shine, Aveda patented green tea technology helps ensure the most true to life tones are achieved. Aveda Colour also covers up to 100% of grey hair.

Creating true to life natural tones or vivid, uncompromising colour.

Angel Hair Studio offers highlights and lowlights (foils), full-permanent colour, semi-permanent colour (colour gloss), pre-lightening/toner and colour correction.

With our in-depth knowledge of Aveda Colour and the various colour techniques available, any combination of the above colour treatments can be utilised to give you an exceptional hair colour that lasts and an amazing look that is perfect for you.