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I was born Australia and my hairdressing career started in 1990 when I left school to start my apprenticeship in Lane Cove in Sydney. I grew up next door to a hair salon, where I lived with my family, so Iíve always felt very comfortable in a salon environment. The women from the neighbourhood used to meet up and chat about life, it was like a meeting point for friends. This always fascinated me and I decided that one day I would love to own my own Salon, creating the perfect environment, just like the salon I grew up with.

Iíve always held the belief that life is not about fitting in, It's about expanding your horizon and not limiting yourself. With this in mind Iíve thrown myself deep into the creative side of hairdressing and I won several competitions in Australia. It was a magic time when I was exploring so many different possibilities at the start of my career. One of the things I explored during this time was a more holistic approach to hairdressing, that I could apply to my work, studying Remedial Massage to be able to give my clients the ultimate relaxing experience.

I came to London in 2005, determined to learn more about hair fashion, London being famous for having that irreverent style that was looking for. I worked in various high fashion salons for a number of years, where I finally mastered this style of hairdressing, one being an Aveda salon. After working there I knew that I ONLY ever wanted to work with their beautiful products, which gave me wings to fly!

In 2006 I met the man of my life and, having traveled to most parts of Australia together, within a few years we got married and had a beautiful boy. After this I decided that I was ready to finally follow my dream and open my own Salon. Having worked with Aveda previously, I knew that I had to find the perfect location and premises to exclusively stock their amazing products, so in 2012 we made the decision to move to Ludlow to open the Angel Hair Studio and havenít looked back since!

All my dreams came true and Iím so happy that Iíve always followed my heart.

Never forget to always follow yours!


Where can I start.... I was born in Switzerland, where I lived for ten years My blood is Portuguese but my parents and grandparents where born in Africa. Iím a Child of the World!

Since a young age I have always been creative and I like to be unique.... sometimes too unique for my parents taste :P

Iíve studied Scenography and Artist Direction but then Iíve realised that I wanted to work more closely with people, so I embarked on the makeup world. Iíve studied in Portugal with the top Make-up Artist in Lisbon, Antonia Rosa, and soon after I started the course I was invited to work with her. She gave me the opportunity of experience on first row the World of Fashion & TV, it was one of the most interesting times of my life because I was very young and just starting my career. I worked for almost five years with her.

As Iíve always been so keen in learning and experiencing new things, I soon felt the urge to travel. I decided to move to London on my 25th Birthday and since then my life has been here in the UK.

From then until now many things have happened; I started a career in Electronic Music, founded a successful record Label with my Husband and finally moved to the countryside almost four years ago in the search of a more relaxed lifestyle!

I met Amanda when I moved here and we become friends, a couple years after she invited me to work with her and join her fabulous team at the Angel Hair Studio.

Iím now back doing Make-up as well as facial threading and eyebrow and lashes tinting, Iíve also started a new blog entitled ĎAngel Hair Studio Lifeí and keep all the social media up-to-date. My record Label keeps being successful and my music career is thriving. What else could ask for?!

I never felt so Happy and fulfilled in my life, Iím surrounded of beautiful, creative people and I am able do what I LOVE!


I was born and raised in beautiful Ludlow. I spent pretty much my whole life in this area because even though it is tucked away, itís full of creative people with a very opened mind.

Two years ago I went for one year to Australia to experience the world and get some inspiration from other cultures. It was an exceptional experience that I will never forget. Iíve meet so many interesting people that inspired me greatly and gave me a different outlook on life!

From young age I loved hairdressing and knew that it would be my path in life. Iím very creative and alternative and thatís reflected in my work as a Hairdresser.

I have six years of experience in hairdressing and barbering. What I most LOVE in my job is to connect with all different people and share life stories. Iím utterly caring and very cheerful, my mum says that I always have a smile on my face. Working here at Angel Hair Studio I have been able to go on up to date courses to transform myself into a more experienced and confident stylist, now the Sky is the limit for creativity.


Iím a true Shropshire girl that loves the countryside life and the outdoors! So what can I say about me.... my hairdressing journey started five years ago and since then Iíve been unstoppable. Since I was a little Girl, Iíve always knew that I wanted to be a hairdresser.

Iím a very creative person with a very good eye for styling and beauty. One of the things that makes me LOVE my job is to be able to make my clients feel special and wonderful, it makes me feel fulfilled!

I have specialised in all areas of womenís hairdressing, including Hair-ups for special occasions. Working at the Angel Hair Studio has been an amazing journey because we can really focus on each client and give them the best service we can. All the team are very creative and fun. We all have a very special connection and all of our skills complement each other.


Born in Shropshire, I am a country girl at heart. I'm married to Jaime and have two wonderful boys.

My interest in hairdressing started from a young age, I was always pretending to be a hairdresser, indulging my creative side and love of fashion and beauty. As I grew up my passion for natural products and oils developed, so when I came across Aveda I fell in love with their products and colours. Looking to progress and learn new skills, I started my hairdressing career at the age of fifteen as a Saturday girl. I then started my apprenticeship after leaving school.

I have enjoyed taking part in competitions and training and now with fifteen years experience I am so happy to be part of the team at Angel Hair Studio, which has given me a great oppotunity to take part in further training and education with Aveda products. I love using Aveda colour as they are naturally derived and I am able to cater for each clients individual needs and provide a truly persional service.